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  • Retention is the only growth metric that matters: the case of Sounds

    Rémi Louf, a Freelancer Chief Science Officer, explained why user retention is capital for growth metrics and product development.

  • Why big companies should team up with freelancers developers

    Freelancers are the guarantors of a new division of labour. They have chosen to leave corporate employment to start working as independent workers.

  • The comet advent calendar 18'

    Every day until Christmas, the comet team will publish one article with cherry-picked content from all around the web.🎄 December 21st Tool of the day - 🛠 Soma A "real" object-oriented and low-level programming language. With a wide standard library and forcing you to respect certain conventions. Article of

  • How Remote Work Actually Works At Comet

    Remote work is a prevalent topic amid a context of talent war. In France (my home country), the vast majority of companies are reluctant to let their employees work wherever they feel good. How paradoxical at a time when both large firms and startups struggle with hiring the best experts...

  • Freelancer, how much is your time worth?

    So you want, or are about, to become a freelancer? Cheers and welcome aboard. Now comes the time to determine the price at which you will sell your services. How much is your time worth? I am french, so the following calculations are biased toward the french legislation...