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  • Demain, tous libres de travailler en remote ?

    Le remote (ou télétravail) n’est pas un sujet récent à proprement parler. Cela fait des décennies déjà que les entreprises y ont recours ou que certains métiers s’effectuent totalement à distance. Par exemple, un commercial réalise le plus gros de sa

  • Livre blanc Future of Workplace : s’inspirer des pionniers pour se réinventer

    Notre dernier livre blanc, Future of Workplace, donne une vision précise et inspirante des mutations du travail, et met en lumière des entreprises pionnières de ce nouveau modèle, comme Facebook ou Alan. Téléchargez-le en cliquant ici. ‘‘ Si vous détestez à ce point les grandes entreprises, pourquoi essayez-vous désespé

  • Why Alan chose React Native for develop its mobile app

    In this guest post, discover how the Alan engineering team built its first iOS and Android application with React Native.

  • How fashion retailers use AI to accelerate benchmarking

    In the fashion industry, artificial intelligence have proven to be a wonderful ally for brands. Here is how the startup daco helps them with benchmarking.

  • How freelancers boost collective intelligence in companies

    Enhancing collective intelligence is key to make teams more agile. This is why working with freelancers is a major asset in the transformation of companies.

  • Thoughts on the new role of Chief Freelance Officer

    We discussed the role of Chief Freelance Officer at the 2nd edition of our corporate event, Tomorrow Works. Here are the key insights from our experts invited.

  • Why you should consider building your own CRM solution

    Learn more about building an internal CRM at Withings (now Nokia Health). Here are the approach, guidelines and best practices.

  • Why big companies should hire a Chief Freelance Officer

    Big companies can enhance their collaboration with freelancers by designing a new role to better understand their needs: Chief Freelance Officer.

  • How building internal tools fuels Algolia’s tech culture

    Algolia is a product-driven company with a strong tech culture. Engineers have developed a genuine approach to tackle internal issues: building their own tools.

  • Talent economy: the gig economy for high-skilled freelancers

    Freelancing has been associated with the gig economy for a long time. And yet, high-skilled freelancers are onto something bigger: the talent economy.