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  • To pilot or not to pilot: the end of the PoC as we know it?

    Proof of Concept aims to test a new technology. Here are the pros and cons of PoC testing, and if it is not already dead, its nature is evolving.

  • Use data of Marketing Analytics to increase your visibility

    Marketing analytics helps to showcase a service or product’s value. These are examples of how data and analytics can boost the external image of a company

  • Research and ROI: a necessary balance for data scientists

    Research and problem-solving are the bread and butter of data scientists. Experimentation is key, even when the return-on-investment (ROI) is uncertain.

  • 10 Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Data-Driven Culture

    Implement a data-driven culture allows to take decisions based on quantitative insights. Here are 5 steps to scale up and tackling the culture challenge.

  • The key ingredient to solve problems and success in data science

    What is the essential skill a data scientist should have?Whether you want to pursue a career in data science or you have been looking to hire a data scientist, you have undoubtedly pondered about this question. Possible answers may include any of the following: Python, R, Hadoop, NoSQL...