Every day until Christmas, the comet team will publish one article with cherry-picked content from all around the web.

🎄 December 13th

Tool of the day - 🛠 Ecosia

We found you the search engine that cares about Earth: each request contributes in planting trees.

Article of the day - 🔎 “I could be wrong, but…”

Improve your intellectual humility with Benjamin Franklin.

Newsletter of the day - 📄 A newsletter you might fall in love with

Our bi-monthly public newsletter gathers a top-notch curation of high-end content, with themes including tech & data news, future of work trends, along with culture and management insights. It’s currently comet’s editorial voice. Next edition this Sunday.

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🎄 December 12th

Tool of the day - 🛠 YellowLabTools

This tool "untangles the JavaScript spaghetti code". Free & open source: what more could you ask for?

Article of the day - 🔎 10 Extreme Creativity Hacks

Writer and journalist Eric Spitznagel put into practice 10 creative tips following the steps of Benjamin Franklin, Charles Dickens or Victor Hugo. Here are his results (beware: as underlined by the title, some tips can be extreme).

Podcast of the day - 📄 2018 Crispiest Stories

Dear pod enthusiasts, this selection is for you! Discover the New Yorker top 10 podcasts by Sarah Larson.

🎄 December 11th

Tool of the day - 🛠 Hyper 2

Most handsome borderless terminal developed in JavaScript: customize it the way you want with the plugins available on the store.

Video of the day - 🔎 Remote workers need trust

Rodolphe Dutel from Remotive.io gives away his golden rules on how to work with remote workers at Algolia's TechLunch.

Game of the day - 🎮 WarriorJS

Code in JavaScript to teach your warrior what to do depending on the situation. Select the abilities to customize how your warrior plays.

🎄 December 10th

Tool of the day - 🛠 Front-End toolbox

Not 1 or 2, but 50 essential tools for the modern Front-End developer.

Article of the day - 🔎 Say Goodbye to Manually Generating Documentation

Time-consuming for some, boring for others... Documentation is not carried in many devs' hearts. Fortunately there is an ending to your nightmare: the automated documentation generation process by Vladimir Katansky.

Account of the day - 📄 @iamdevloper

This Twitter account will make you laughstorm with dev or tech jokes.

🎄 December 9th

Browse the best tips from experts to build a successful career. Piece of cake.

Article of the day - 🔎 Poetic Computation

Coding is poetry according to Taeyoon Choi. It creates a form of aesthetic experience called the poetic effect of code.

Music of the day - 📄 musicForProgramming

A collaborative series of mixes designed for listening while programming. Helping you get the maximum focus and productivity.

🎄 December 8th

Tool of the day - 🛠 Zervant

A great tool for billing management approved by many freelancers.

Article of the day - 🔎 Arrays Best Practices in JS

What's the correct use of Array methods in JavaScript?

Newsletter of the day - 📄 Inside

Inside is a newsletter dedicated to developer news and knowledge.

🎄 December 7th

Tool of the day - 🛠 Brave Browser

The blockchain-based browser faster than Chrome and developed by the creator of Mozilla and JavaScript.

Article of the day - 🔎 Mentoring 101

There are three types of mentors: here is how they can help you reach higher.

Newsletter of the day - 📄 Dense Discovery

A high-end newsletter combining hot hardware, software and thought-provoking reads from all around the web.

🎄 December 6th

Tool of the day - 🛠 Issue Sh

A Chrome extension to manage issues on GitHub exactly like boards on Trello.

Video of the day - 🔎 The vision of Coinbase on the future of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin

The future of banking and payments will be decentralized.

Report of the day - 📄 AI gets real: full MIT Sloan Management Review report

A mind-blowing state-of-the-art of AI used in business today

🎄 December 5th

Tool of the day - 🛠 Nirvana

The Getting Things Done mindset at its best. Gain speed and efficiency thanks to this wonderful app for shortcut and life-hacking lovers.

Article of the day - 🔎 Models are Eating the World

Impressive analysis on how machine learning helps model-driven businesses gain an insane edge over their competitors.

Newsletter of the day - 📄 Exponential View, by Azeem Azhar

High-quality newsletter featuring frontier technologies, prime forward thinkers and in-depth analyses.

🎄 December 4th

Tool of the day - 🛠 Workfrom

It's like Tripadvisor but for places where to work remotely.

Article of the day - 🔎 Why the future of work is about hunting, not settling

Nicolas Colin, author and co-founder of The Family, on what will change regarding security for the workers of the entrepreneurial age.

Book of the day - 📄 "It Doesn't Have To Be Crazy At Work", by Jason Friend & DHH (Basecamp)

The Basecamp geniuses released another excellent book this year about calm as a core value for a company.

🎄 December 3rd

Tool of the day - 🛠 Nomad Flights

Email alerts for cheap flight tickets for your next destination as a digital nomad.

Article of the day - 🔎 The gamification of everything

Long-read but must-read to understand why gamification can be a threat when used in sensitive topics.

Newsletters of the day - 📄 MIT Technology Review

Six different top-notch newsletters covering all aspects of innovation today, from blockchain to AI, including the future of workplace and technological breakthroughs.

🎄 December 2nd

Tool of the day - 🛠 Stoop

An application to gather all our newsletters.

Article of the day - 🔎 Table ronde sur la transformation de la société par la tech - NY Times

From AI to gene editing via CRISPR, discover a top-flight discussion between five renowned scientists on some of the biggest issues they humanity will have to face.

Podcast of the day - 📄 Binge the Vlan! podcast series (French)

An editorial line with zero bullshit by Gregory Pouy, who interviews entrepreneurs, researchers and teachers in a short and very accessible format. From communitarianism to biomimicry, through beauty or happiness: there is something for every taste!

🎄 December 1st

Tool of the day - 🛠 iwantmyname

Domain name management made easy and cool.

Article of the day - 🔎 Lucid Dreaming - WIRED

There is one place on earth where you learn everything about lucid dreaming. Fascinating read that might inspire digital nomads about their next retreat.

Newsletter of the day - 📄 Newsletter publique de comet

Well, the first one is easy. But our bi-monthly public newsletter gathers a top-notch curation of high-end content, with themes including tech & data news, future of work trends, along with culture and management insights. It’s currently comet’s editorial voice.
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